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Monday, June 13, 2011

Patrick's 3 Month Pictures

We had Patrick's 3 month pictures done on June 4th. They are absolutely adorable! I was so excited to receive them today! If you would like to view them go to http://www.holliecolwick.com/ and click "Photo Galleries" then click "Patrick 3 Month". If you live in the Louisville, KY area, I would highly recommend Hollie! She is fantastic! Enjoy!


  1. Loved the pics! He is such a cutie, and you look beautiful! The one where both of you are kissing him and he has this disgruntled look on his face cracked me up!

    Of course, the the bum picture was hilarious too... future blackmail material.

  2. Adorable! I love the one where you are cracking up with Patrick on your lap! So sweet!

  3. OH! And, no, I haven't posted my birth story. It was a hard couple of days during and afterward and it's been rough for me to deal with. People keep telling me that all that matters is that Katie and I are ok, which I know is true but doesn't really help me feel any better about the whole thing. It sort of bums me out to think about so I've been procrastinating posting about it. Ugh, that sounds so dumb. Oh, well . . . I will post it eventually! ;-)

  4. Hi.. I'm Annie, I just found out how to track who is following your blog, and that led me to your blog! I don't think I know you (right?), but I love your story! Always fun to meet other type 1s out there, having babies and living life :) Funny thing - I just edited my blog layout earlier tonight, and I picked the same layout you have.